Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

design principle

Created for extremes

Thanks to our innovative design principle, even extreme temperatures from -270° C to +800° C are no problem.
Quadax® butterfly valves are the ideal solution for customers with the highest demands on tightness – for extreme applications and temperature ranges.

100% tight

Thanks to their 4-offset design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Quadax®valves meet even the highest tightness requirements 100% of the time.

Made in Germany

We produce our butterfly valves from the highest quality materials on modern 5-axis machining centers. Entirely in Germany.


4-offset-eccentric Quadax® butterfly valve


  • Frictionless
  • Higher KV values
  • Higher tightness (even in the most extreme conditions)

The 4-offset butterfly valve has an elliptical output cone. The cut at a specific angle results in a rounder and thus larger sealing seat.

Conventional 3-offset
butterfly valve


  • Wear due to friction
  • More leaks (especially under extreme conditions)
  • Maintenance vulnerabilities

The sealing seat has a conical shape. The tip of the cone is offset from the middle of the pipe to the outer edge. A round cone results in a tight, elliptical sealing seat in the housing.

4-offset eccentric Quadax®
butterfly valve

3-way eccentric
butterfly valve